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We at Salties Imports are committed to supplying our customers with fresh high quality seafood. We are the stewards of the Ocean and we are committed to preserving our way of living, where a combination of healthy oceans and healthy communities goes hand in hand.

Salties Sustainability

Over 95% of our products are Oceanwise recommended and we are very proud of our partnership with Oceanwise, which is run by the Vancouver Aquarium.

Icelandic Fisheries
Iceland has created one of the most modern and competitive seafood industries in the world, based on sustainable fishing methods and protection of the marine ecosystem. Iceland maintains a 200 nautical mile exclusive fishing zone that includes some of the richest fishing grounds in the world. Inside of this zone, quotas are maintained and set to ensure the health of the fish stocks and to prevent overfishing. The quota system implemented in Iceland is based on extensive research on the fish stocks, as well as the marine ecosystem and biodiversity.

The fishing industry is one of the main pillars of the Icelandic Economy, and has been for centuries, where marine products have historically been the country’s leading exports. Responsible fisheries at the Icelandic fishing grounds are the prerequisite for the Icelandic fishing industry continuing being a solid part of the Icelandic economy and a principle pillar in Iceland’s exports.

Icelandic Fishing Industry In numbers
The Icelandic fishing industry directly employs around 7,800 people, or approximately 4.2% of the total workforce. The seafood industry contributes around 8.1% to the annual Icelandic GDP. Iceland is in 18th place among leading fishing nations in the world, with 1.5% of the total worlds catch, with around 1,700 fishing vessels.

The twin boats: Gísli Súrsson and Auður DjúpúðgaThe fishing village of Stöðvarfjörður