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Salties Skrímsli

Say hello to Skrímsli, our new line of value added prepackaged products. Our selection is ever growing and evolving.

Cod Loin

Our beautiful Cod Loin has pearlescent white flesh with a gentle but distinctive flavour. It has a mild and slightly sweet taste with large flakes that fall apart easily when cooked.

Arctic Charr

Our well known Arctic Charr has a rich taste profile with a fairly high fat content. The flesh is red and cooks up pink with moderately fine flakes.

Dried Haddock

Our Dried Haddock is the product of a thousand year old tradition, feeding both vikings and fishermen alike. It's an excellent, crunchy, source of protein.

The Tale of the Salties Skrímsli

Skrímsli in Icelandic means "Monster". Icelandic folk tales are full of monsters that often served the purpose of reminding people of the dangers of nature and the elements.

Iceland in the old ages was ravaged by dangerous seas that many feared, and it was believed that the waters surrounding the island were haunted by monstrous creatures that could destroy entire ships and their crews. The most fearsome of them was the Hrosshvalur, or Horsewhale. It was thought to bear the resemblance of a horse and a whale, and It was known to live and hunt all around Iceland, ever since the first Vikings voyaged there in the 8th century.

European map makers have featured it on their maps until the 17th century to warn seafarers of the immediate danger lurking in the water. Icelanders believe, and have always believed, that with magic, they can protect themselves from the dangers around them. The runic symbols in our logo are taken from the ancient rune Vegvísir, or "Wayfinder", which has helped people find their way home for thousands of years. In the logo it represents the 'caging' of the monster, as was achieved with navigation.