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Bacalao a la Catalana

You can pretty much eat Salted Fish anywhere in Iceland, which is understandable since it’s been actively produced for centuries for both export and local consumption. There are in fact not many things that an Icelander can think of that is better than a good Salted Fish recipe. Icelandic Salted Fish cooked with Spanish inspired recipes is just so tasty.
Atlantic Cod


1000 g – 1500 g Salties Method Salted Cod Loins.
100 mL Olive oil
1 chopped Onion
5 Garlic cloves, cut into thin slices
1 finely sliced Red Pepper
4 Bacon strips, cut into slices
500 g canned Tomatoes
5 g Rosemary
100 mL Spanish Red Wine
100 mL Fish stock
100 Peeled Almonds
Fresh ground black pepper


Plate (for mix)




Cut the Salted Fish into reasonable serving portions and roll in the flour, fry on a hot pan for 4 – 5 minutes (depending on thickness). In a hot pot, combine the Onion, Garlic, Pepper, and the Bacon for 10 minutes or until the bacon is nicely cooked. Now add the Rosemary and Tomatoes, crush the Tomatoes well in the pot and let everything boil well together. Add the Red Wine and the Fish Stock. Toast the Almonds on a dry pan or on a grill, then grind / crush them in a food processor. Add the almond powder you just made to the pot to thicken the sauce to your desired consistency.

This recipe is served with spiced rice and Leafy Greens. We recommend adding some saffron threads, cardamom pods (pierced), and Star anise, and of course some Salt and Pepper.