From Ocean to Plate

We are Salties Imports, and we care. We care about our oceans and we care about the high-quality fresh seafood we supply. Our Oceans-To-Plate Traceability Program answers three important questions everyone should ask when buying Seafood:

      1. What Species is it?
      2. Where is it from?
      3. How was it caught?

We let you know what boat caught your fish, how it was caught, as well as where and when it was landed.

All our deliveries are followed with a Packing slip, explaining what products are being delivered and how much. On the Packing slip, you can also find the answers to the questions above, and more. All the information provided can be verified by governmental issued and verified documents.

What Species is it? – We base all our product names on the Canadian Food Inspection Agencies ‘Fish List’ where we use one of the Approved English common names as well as the Scientific name, both of which are included on every delivery slip.


For more info visit the CFIA website


Where is it from? – We use the FAO Major Fishing Areas map which the Food and Agriculture Organization uses to divide up fishing areas. This map helps our customers know exactly where the product is from, as its an internationally approved and recognized way to trace the catching areas of Seafood products.


For more information visit the FAO website


How was it caught? – We use the International Standard Statistical Classification of Fishing Gear (ISSCFG Rev. 1, 2013) to describe the fishing gear used to catch all of our products.


For more information on fishing gear classification click here

Example Delivery Slip

Our Delivery Slip answers the 3 key questions that the consumers seek.

It includes:

  1. The Catch Certificate number
  2. The English Common Name, Scientific Name, and Product Description
  3. The Fishing area and where it was caught
  4. The Boat name and number
  5. The Fishing gear used
  6. The location where it was landed and when it was landed.