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Salties Mackerel is Now Oceanwise Certified

Published on
July 21, 2018

We the crew of Salties are exited to tell you all, that our fresh Mackerel is now Oceanwise certified. We take our role as Seafood Purveyors seriously, and we want to make sure our products match our values: High quality, Fresh, Sustainably Caught, and Traceable. Being a proud member of Oceanwise is one of the important steps for us to take to live up to our values. We are now distributing four ocean wise species and over 30 ocean wise products. The species are Atlantic Cod, Haddock, Arctic Char and now Mackerel.

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Mackerel is a migrating species in Iceland, they come to Icelandic waters over the summer months to feed between the months of July and October, during these months Mackerel is available fresh. Then, all of a sudden, they head south to warmer waters where they spawn and spend the winter months.

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