September 29 | 2018

Oily Seafood for Stronger and Healthier Babies.


From generation to generation, we have always known that a diet that includes seafood is a vital part of healthy living. We also know that less processing, like battering, results in a healthier meal.

Salties News: Couples who eat Seafood have more Sex

According to a recent study, women who eat oily (fatty) fish while pregnant are more likely to have stronger children. Scientists compared mothers who took oily fish supplements with those who did not, and found that the children in the first group put on more healthy weight, more quickly, in their first six years. This was mainly in the form of bone density rather than unhealthy fat deposits.

Salties news: Our Hearts and Brains love seafood

Previous studies have shown that the birth weight of babies to mothers who ate oily fish where higher, but, now they have found that the weight gain is maintained for up to 6 years after birth.

We at Salties Imports have many Healthy and Sustainably caught Fish Species in our Selection that are high in fats and oils. These include: Arctic Charr, Atlantic Salmon, Greenland Turbot, Atlantic Halibut, Spotted Wolffish, Mackerel and Lumpfish; which are all very tasty as well.

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