September 25 | 2018

Fishmonger stuck googly eyes on a fish to make it look fresher.


Sometimes a “Fish Tale” is used to describe a big lie, or when things are exaggerated, such as when fishermen talk about the big one that got away. Our industry is unfortunately full of ‘fish tales’ where some dishonest people try to fool the consumer, sometimes by selling them fish In Disguise…

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Stories about fish fraud are not funny at all, they affect us all and some consumers think that we are all tricksters and dishonest. However, some stories are so over the top that they become funny.

BBC reported that a Fishmonger in Kuwait stuck googly eyes on a fish to make it look fresher in his counter. Glossy eyes are amongst the best indicators of freshness, and in this case he thought that adding ‘googly eyes’ to the fish would make it appear fresher. However, it just made it look like a cartoon character.

The buyer that bought the fish took some pictures to share with the world. The reaction caused him to close down his store.

BBC: Fishmonger sticked googly eyes on a fish to make it look fresher.

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