July 14 | 2018

By Snaer

Breaking News: First Mackerel of the Season


The Trawler Guðrún Þorkelsdóttir SU arrived in the Icelandic fishing port of Vestmannaeyjar this morning with a haul of Mackerel, officially welcoming the group to Icelandic waters.

As of right now, only one boat has gone fishing for Mackerel as the processing companies are gearing up for the season. This first landing will be for testing and adjusting machinery according to Guðrún’s captain, Guðmundur Ingi. The fish is in excellent shape, well nourished and we expect a similar season to last year’s.

We’re expecting much more activity as more boats are heading out as we speak, hopefully bringing Fresh Mackerel to shore this coming week.

Now is the time to place your first Mackerel order, if it’ll be available on Monday or Tuesday we will start sending this week. The good news it that the Mackerel is here and its only a matter of days now.

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