News from Salties

Saturday October 17 | 2018

Puffin Patrol: The children saving Iceland’s Pufflings


Puffins are an endangered species, and children in Iceland are joining the effort to save the species in Iceland. Read more >>

Saturday September 28 | 2018

Oily Seafood for Stronger and Healthier Babies.


According to a recent study, women who eat oily (fatty) fish while pregnant are more likely to have stronger children. Read more >>

Saturday September 8 | 2018

Fishmonger stuck googly eyes on a fish to make it look fresher


Sometimes a “Fish Tale” is used to describe a big lie, or when things are exaggerated, such as when fishermen talk about the big one that got away. Our industry is unfortunately full of ‘fish tales’ where some dishonest people try to fool the consumer, sometimes by selling them fish In Disguise. Read more >>

Friday August 30 | 2018

Widespread mislabelling of seafood reported in cities across Canada


As widespread mislabelling of seafood is reported in cities across Canada, Salties reacts with launching the Salties Ocean to Plate Traceability program. Read more >>

Saturday July 28 | 2018

Our Hearts and Brains Love Seafood


Two servings of fish per week can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, even for those who aren’t eating especially healthy diets, according to a new science advisory from the American Heart Association (AHA).   Read more >>

Saturday July 21 | 2018

Salties Mackerel is Now Oceanwise Certified


We the crew of Salties are exited to tell you all, that our fresh Mackerel is now Oceanwise certified. We take our role as Seafood Purveyors seriously, and we want to make sure our products match our values: High quality, Fresh, Sustainably Caught, and Traceable.   Read more >>

Thursday July 19 | 2018

Couples who eat seafood have more sex


We keep reading and hearing about oysters and all about their aphrodisiac effects, but a recent study suggests that all seafood gets couples going, and the benefits are immense.  Read more >>

Saturday July 14 | 2018

Breaking News: First Mackerel of the Season


The Trawler Guðrún Þorkelsdóttir SU arrived in the Icelandic fishing port of Vestmannaeyjar this morning with a haul of Mackerel, officially welcoming the group to Icelandic waters.   Read more >>

Saturday July 7 | 2018

Mackerel Mania


Mackerel used to stay quite far away from Iceland and move to Norway in the summertime to reach slightly colder waters. Overtime, the Mackerel started to migrate further and further away from Norway, and now they come to Icelandic waters; much further Northwest. The story about the migration of Mackerel is a story that will apply to countless species around the world as ocean temperatures keep rising.   Read more >>

Tuesday June 29 | 2018

Healthy Icelandic Waters


Earlier this month, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) recommended that Icelandic
Haddock quota could be increased considerably in its next fishing year or by a stunning 41%. Its not only Haddock that is thriving well, ICES recommends total allowable catch (TAC) of Cod can be increased by 3%, Saithe by 31% and Herring by 31%.   Read more >>

Tuesday June 26 | 2018

There is something fishy about fish labelling.


CTV has been working on a news series called Something Fishy and is about mislabeling and fraud in our industry. According to CTV, 40% of fish samples bought in several places in the Vancouver area failed DNA testing. They only checked for the fish DNA, not other factors that may have been wrong such as catch method, origin, etc.   Read more >>