For the Love of Fish

We provide our customers in North America with eighteen different species of fresh Icelandic fish and
seafood, caught in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

Our products are in season all year round, and are delivered in either styrofoam bulk packs designed
for Display coolers, repacking, and restaurants, or Value Added packaging which is for more conventional retail.

Our Selection

Fresh, High Quality, 18 Different Species, Over 100 Products from Whole fish to Cheeks and tongues, in Season year round, Reliable Delivery within 48 hrs from being caught, and Sustainable. This is why fish markets, restaurants, Butcher shops, and Supermarkets of all sizes choose Salties.

We Are Salties Imports

Salties Imports provides Seafood stores and markets, restaurants, retail, and other fish lovers in America and Canada with over eighteen species of fresh fish and seafood caught from the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Why Choose Salties?

Because of our Supply

We have Eighteen different species that are always in season 365 days a year. Empty shelves are not an option in today’s retail markets, so we built our partnerships with fishermen and processing companies to be a reliable ally to our customers; providing fish regularly and continuously.

Because of our Suppliers

We provide you with fresh fish in large or small quantities and in multiple varieties all at once. All our partners are reliable, HACCP certified, FDA and CFIA approved. We specialize in working with small independent fishermen, who with families, enjoy what they do, and provide the highest quality fish and seafood in the market.

Because of our Shipping

Fresh is what your customers are asking for, and fresh is what you get from Salties Imports. We work with our partners from the sailors to the airlines to deliver the product to you in the shortest time possible.

Why Choose Icelandic Fish and Seafood?

Iceland has created one of the most modern and competitive seafood industries in the world, based on sustainable harvest and protection of the marine ecosystem.
Iceland maintains a 200 nautical miles exclusive fishing that includes some of the richest fishing grounds in the world. The fisheries management in Iceland is primarily based on extensive research on the fish stocks and the marine ecosystem and biodiversity.

Iceland has a long, proud history in sustainable fishing resulting in growing fish stocks for the generations to come.

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