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Origin of Our Name

Salties [sawl-tees]
Noun, Canadian Slang
1. Ocean going fishermen
2. Ocean going ships that
enter theGreat Lakes via the
St. Lawrence Seaway.

We are Salties Imports. We are a family owned Seafood wholesale company that supplies North America with the Highest Quality fresh Icelandic Seafood. Born and raised in the fishing villages of Iceland, we care about the ocean and the people that depend on it. Sustainable fishing and sustainable living is the essence of our business. We source products from other family owned companies and small fisheries in Iceland, who share our values and belief that  sustainability, traceability, and knowledge past from generation to generation, will allow us to continue living in harmony with the Ocean.

Our values


Our sustainability beliefs revolve around caring for the fish and the fish stocks, caring for the fishing communities, and caring for our customers.


Knowledge about the products, the fisheries, and the production techniques, passed on from generation to generation, is what we pass on to our customers.


What Fish is it? Where was it caught? and How? These questions and more are what our Ocean to Plate Traceability Program answers; and is open to all our customers.

Our products

Packaged products

Say hello to Skrímsli, our line of value added prepackaged products. Our selection is ever growing and evolving.

Carbon Footprint

Did you know that our seafood, consumed in North America, has a Carbon Footprint less than that of Asparagus and Peanuts?

Health + Nutrition

Eating our Seafood protects your heart and improves your sex life, among other things, according to scientific studies. How about that?